Tooth Paste Manufacturing – Colgate Palmolive – Swidnica PL

Tooth Paste Factory (largest this type facility in Europe in 2008); production lines relocated from UK and new lines added. Project Rated LEED SILVER

HVAC for raw material storage, manufacturing (making and finishing), packing, products warehouse, printing shop, kitchen and cafeteria, offices – practically entire facility is either air conditioned or ventilated; total approx 500,000 CFM

Chilled water plant for HVAC and process with free cooling; total approx 2000T cooling capacity

Hydronic connections for chilled and heating water to AHUS and heating /cooling devices

Air compressors cooling with heat recovery towards DHW preheat

New systems featured:

  • High efficiency water cooled chillers
  • Cooling towers with variable speed fans
  • Variable speed, high efficiency pumps for process cooling
  • Variable speed, high efficiency pumps for HVAC cooling
  • Air cooled free cooling; fluid coolers with variable speed fans
  • HVAC units with either recirculation or enthalpy wheel heat recovery
  • High efficiency fans and motors in AHUs; special attention for appropriate fan selection
  • VFD controlled fans in AHUs to maintain constant flow indifferently of filter condition
  • Filter pressure drop monitoring
  • Air Compressors waste heat recovered towards DHW heating (practically all DHW for 400+ people having showers before and after shift is prepared with waste heat)
  • DDC controls

Innovation: fluid coolers originally designed for chilled water free cooling are also utilised for compressors cooling in warmer seasons. Extended heat exchange surface results in excellent compressors cooling thus better air compressors performance and lower energy consumption. Capital expenses were reduces as same units are utilized for both: free cooling and compressors cooling.