Electronic Industry – silicon monocrystal manufacturing

Cemat’70 and Institute of Electronic Materials Technology

Process cooling system for silicon monocristal production (Czochralski Process), replacement of the existing heat exchanger and pumping station, new controls

Technology of the silicone monocristal production requires continuous cooling with the chilled water. It is critical, that water pressure, as well as the temperature, are stabilized with a very strict regimes; therefore redundancy and reliability are paramount. At the same time energy consumption for pumping process (365/24/7) is not insignificant in business equation.

In the old system chilled water circulated continuously across all furnaces (active and inactive), resulting in not necessary transfer of high volumes of water. Existing system was based on single speed, relatively low efficiency pumps, electromechanical controls and pressure control with throttling.

The owner was interested in improvements of temperature and pressure stabilisation, as well as energy consumption reduction.

New system featured:

  • New high efficiency, low pressure drop heat exchangers thus reduced pressure drop and pumps head pressure
  • Easy to clean heat exchangers thus reduced pressure drop
  • Modular variable speed pumps
  • 100% redundancy for water delivery to the manufacturing
  • DDC controls with redundant controls valves and high accuracy of temperature stabilisation
  • All furnaces were equipped with flow control devices as well as shut off valves, thus reduction of water flow when not all furnaces were active