National Opera Theater

Chilled Water Plant upgrade in the heritage Opera Theatre Building (constructed 1825-1833)

Old chilled water plant from early 1950ties was located approx 1 km (!!!) from the Theatre building. Chilled water was produced by water cooled chiller with obsolete technology, low COP (coefficient of performance – energy efficiency indicator for refrigeration equipment) and numerous maintenance issues including significant ammonia leaks in the middle of the city downtown. Pumping for a distance of 1km was an extremely costly exercise; return by gravity resulted in significant chilled water loses through perforated pipes.

We designed new chilled water plant integrated into the existing heritage structure without compromising aesthetics and historical value of the building.

New system featured:

  • Environmentally friendly refrigerants
  • High COP screw compressors
  • Low head pumps – chiller plant is located just across the wall from AHUs thus reduced pressure drop and MUCH smaller pump engines comparing to original plant located 1 km from the HVAC room
  • Reduced water consumption – high efficiency air cooled condensers were utilised, no water used for condensers cooling
  • Original chilled water pipes experienced numerous leaks thus chilled water waste and additional energy costs to cool city water. New system is 100% water tight closed loop, insulated above standards of 90.1 – no chilled water and energy waste.
  • Air cooled condensers with variable speed, refrigerant pressure controlled fans thus energy savings on both: fan energy and compressor as condensation pressure could be maintained at the most suitable level for the compressor.
  • All chilled water system located in the theatre building thus reduced maintenance costs